"Not many on earth who can slide between 
Lou Reed and Erma Bombeck and be 
this consistently funny."
-Poe Ballantine


Marion Winik

4/16/14What I learned from Miley Cyrus ... a new column on Baltimore Fishbowl and in the Huffington Post.

4/15/14: My story at the Stoop's "The Oys and Joys of Jewish Life" show — about my great-grandfather Hyman Winik and how my son Hayes got his name. 

4/14/14: A tiny excerpt from Highs in the Low Fifties at NPR's Author's Corner. 

3/26/14: Here's an interview about romance and dating with a smart shrink on Gluck Radio...

3/26/14: This kind of wows me: I am quoted in Claudia Roth Pierpont's Roth Unbound, a critical biography of Philip Roth. Also, "The Glen Rock Book of the Dead" is quoted at length in Arcadian America: The Death and Life of an Environmental Tradition, by Aaron Sachs. The University of Baltimore provost discovered this citation when he was reviewing the book.

1/22/14: My e-dubble hip-hop story is online now: Making It Big in Baltimore magazine.

Marion's "Lives" columns for The New York Times Magazine: "Grand Theft Litho" and "A Mother of A Certain Age".

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