"Not many on earth who can slide between
Lou Reed and Erma Bombeck and be
this consistently funny."
-Poe Ballantine

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The Baltimore Book of the Dead, Marion Winik

Coming from Counterpoint, 10/9/18. Read an excerpt here.

7/9/18: Library Journal names the book an Editors' Pick for Fall: "Empathy figures in Marion Winik’s The Baltimore Book of the Dead, along with her sharp eye and wicked wit. This sequel to The Glen Rock Book of the Dead has more achingly beautiful and succinct obituaries of the people (and a few pets) from Winik’s wide, idiosyncratic circle of family, friends, colleagues, lovers, and enemies. This superfast read will spur rereading and the terrible wish that more people in Winik’s circle would expire just so she could memorialize them.”

7/9/18: August Bohemian Rhapsody: Another Unbelievable Airbnb Disaster.

7/9/18: Q&A with James Magruder about his Broadway show, Head Over Heels;
Q&A with Jessica Anya Blau about her story in The Sun, "Waiting for My Rape";
Q&A with Stephen McCauley about his new novel, My Ex-Life.

7/13/18: When are you coming to see me? Baltimore Book of the Dead tour schedule available now!

6/6/18: The Weekly Reader's Philip Roth special! Also, passion for Texas, the oldest stories in the world60 is the new 25money changes everything.

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