"Not many on earth who can slide between 
Lou Reed and Erma Bombeck and be 
this consistently funny."
-Poe Ballantine


Marion Winik

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10/1/14Tony in the Garden, an excerpt from my 1996 memoir First Comes Love, today on Fishbowl. Hoping to lure Baltimore-area friends out to the Ivy Bookstore Tuesday 10/7 at 7...

10/1/14: The Kirkus shortlist is up. Whew, that was a lot of novels. 

9/10/14: Healing broken neighborhoods and broken hearts with broken china. The Mosaic Makers in Baltimore Style. 

9/10/14: Nice review of my new e-book, August in Paris, in The San Francisco Chronicle, and the tech site Re/code re-posted "The Things They Googled." 

8/20/14Buddhists of Boulder on Baltimore Fishbowl; Cleavage, Cleavage, Cleavage on Huffington Post.

8/20/14: In Newsday: Sun and fun in Virginia Beach.

8/20/14: In The Washington Independent Review of Books: Bedtime Stories, with my buddy Jessica Anya Blau.

7/30/14: Happy Birthday to our national anthem - written in Baltimore. A travel piece in Newsday.

7/30/14: I'm one of the judges for the 2014 Kirkus Prize for Fiction. Read about it here.

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