"Not many on earth who can slide between
Lou Reed and Erma Bombeck and be
this consistently funny."
-Poe Ballantine

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1/17/23: I have a story in Cosmopolitan this month, part of a big online package on Sex after 60. My humble contribution is here. Thanks to my daughter Jane, now at Columbia Journalism School, who alerted me to a pitch request on Twitter, ultimately giving me the opportunity to write a sequel to a sex story I did for Cosmo in July 1995. It's been a long strange trip, for sure. And don't ask me about the insane art, I had nothing to do with it.

1/17/23: Recent literary coverage:
• My review of Ann Patchett's Tom Lake was featured in Lit Hub's Best of 2023.
• I wrote up Baltimore's Literary News of 2023 for the Fishbowl.
• Nonfiction: A Novel, reviewed in the Washington Post (didn't love).
• The Fetishist, by Katharine Min, reviewed in the Mpls Star Tribune (loved).
• Mercury, by Amy Jo Burns, reviewed in the Mpls Star Tribune (pretty good).
• Alice Sadie Celine, by Sarah Blakly Cartwright, reviewed in Mpls Star Tribune (yowza).

12/1/23: This month's illustrated Fishbowl column is both a Thanksgiving report and an assessment of the literary prospects of ChatGPT. Guest appearances include my dear, tolerant family members and the MFA faculty of the University of Baltimore. 

12/17/20: On LitHub, Six Book Critics Walk Into a Zoom to Talk About Autofiction, A Totally Fictional Story by Marion Winik Featuring a Martin Amis Cameo.

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