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First Comes Love

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Marion Winik, First Comes Love

"First Comes Love is not a book you’ll pick up and put down. It will definitely lower your productivity and make you unavailable to the folks at home until you turn the last page. That’s as it should be."
–Jesse Kornbluth, (full review)

"A beautifully wrought memoir of crazy infatuation that is remodeled by will into love, family life, and ultimately leave-taking."
Village Voice

"Vivid....[It] sweeps all before it, with headlong honesty and courage."
Entertainment Weekly

"An honest book, in the way that people who have to step outside convention to create new systems, frameworks and family structures have to be honest, and Winik is about as strong a survivor as any I've ever known on paper."
Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Decidedly un-faint-hearted...Marion Winik is resilient, hardy, unfazable; this self-described suburban boho wannabe is a frontier woman in disguise."
The New York Times Book Review

"A true story stripped of fine writing or cheap analysis.... I won't be the only reader who can't put it down."
San Francisco Chronicle

"By the time I finished reading this terrible-like-a-knife-held-to-one's-own-heart, brave and believably unbelievable story, I couldn't help asking – Got any more?"
Sandra Cisneros

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