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Marion Winik

5/10/24: Also in the Fishbowl: I reviewed Cindy of Arc, a feminist theater piece by Cynthia Kaplan, and this article about a regional journalism awards ceremony reports my second place, division C win for "Best Headline." The headline in question was Four Gentlewomen in Cortona, Footloose and Gluten-Free. I lost top honors to another Fishbowl writer, Aliza Worthington, for her pickle vendor story, headlined "The Big Dill helped vendors out of a jarring situation when their Baltimore festival plans got speared." She won it fair and square.

4/12/24: I received the Service Award from the National Book Critics Circle at a fancy ceremony in New York. To see just my intro and speech, go to minute 35. Later there are speeches by Lorrie Moore and other great writers... Here's the whole ceremony.

4/12/24: A dustup about Palestine references at the NBCC.

2/27/24: Recent literary coverage:
• Interviewed the authors of two great new books: Bianca Bosker, Get the PictureSloane Crosley, Grief is for People.
• Picked top five novels for February 2024 for Oprah Daily.
• Reviewed Emily Austin's Interesting Faces about Space for the Mpls Star-Tribune.
• Long interview on the new Native Tongues podcast. The boys did a nice job.
• Loved The Fetishist, by Katharine Min, reviewed in the Mpls Star Tribune.

2/27/24: Looks like I won the National Book Critics Circle Service Award. Going to NYC on March 21 to collect it, alongside the great writers winning for books. I think I got this mostly for going to the mat to help the organization survive the summer of 2020. (Remember that lovely time?) 

1/17/24: Recent literary coverage:
• My review of Ann Patchett's Tom Lake was featured in Lit Hub's Best of 2023.
• I wrote up Baltimore's Literary News of 2023 for the Fishbowl.
• Nonfiction: A Novel, reviewed in the Washington Post (didn't love).
• The Fetishist, by Katharine Min, reviewed in the Mpls Star Tribune (loved).
• Mercury, by Amy Jo Burns, reviewed in the Mpls Star Tribune (pretty good).
• Alice Sadie Celine, by Sarah Blakly Cartwright, reviewed in Mpls Star Tribune (yowza).

12/1/23: Recent literary coverage:
• The Berry Pickers, by Amanda Peters, in the Washington Post
• Best Books of the Year, on Oprah Daily (lots of great reading suggestions here)
• City of Artists, Baltimore, by everyone in town except me haha, on Baltimore Fishbowl
• Orbital, by Samantha Harvey, in the Minneapolis Star Tribune
• The Unsettled, by Ayana Mathis, discussed on the Diane Rehm Book Club
• Everything Worth Reading, on the Weekly Reader (sign up for the podcast at!)

9/29/23: Recent literary coverage, not including all the anonymous reviews for Kirkus and the teeny-weeny blurbs for People.
• For Kirkus:  Long Live the Gay Black King!Audiobooks, and More Audiobooks
• For Oprah Daily: Still More Audiobooks
• For Baltimore Fishbowl: Murder and Smoked Fish
• For the Washington Post: Cristina Garcia
• For the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Alice CarriereEddie ChuculateAyana Mathis
• For Newsday: Interview with James Patterson and Mike Lupica, Fall Books Preview

7/21/23: On my NPR podcast, The Weekly Reader, we've been recommending beach books and summer reads galore. Flip through the website to find hundreds of shows, four minutes each. Subscribe with any podcast app.

7/21/23: One of the best books I've read this year is Tom Lake, by Ann Patchett. Here's my review in the Washington Post. Other recent literary coverage: 
• Summer Books Preview for Oprah Daily, and another one for Newsday
• Reviews of Rose Styron memoir and Leila Slimani novel for Washington Post
• Q&As with Mary Kay ZuravleffMatt Norman, and Rupert Wondolowski, for Baltimore Fishbowl

5/3/23: My first assignment from Oprah Daily: A spring preview, with twenty great books.

12/22/22: This past month I interviewed Cara Ober, the founding editor of Bmore Art, wrote a  review of The Easy Life, by Marguerite Duras for the Washington Post, and spoke with the very cool indie filmmaker Hal Hartley about his first novel, for Kirkus Reviews.

12/2022: An end-of-year roundup for the Fishbowl.

11/25/2022: What to read? I can help. On The Weekly Reader podcast I recommend a pair of books a week. Recently: Rabia Chaudry and Ayad Akhtar, Julia Glass and Bruce Holsinger, Barbara Kingsolver and Jonathan Escoffery. Flip through the website to find literally hundreds of shows, four minutes each. Subscribe with any podcast app.

11/25/2022: Earlier this month, I participated in an interesting Zoom webinar for the National Book Critics Circle, with Walton Muymba, Karen Sanderson, and Brandon McClendon, moderated by J Howard Rosier.  Four critics discuss their approaches to reviewing Margo Jefferson's Constructing a Nervous System. Watch the video here.

11/25/2022: The Baltimore Fishbowl staff collaborated on a piece giving thanks for our dear city

10/8/2022: I interviewed Baltimore Magazine editor Max Weiss and Maryland Planned Parenthood director Karen Nelson for the Fishbowl.

10/8/2022: Reviews of new books by Emma Donoghue and A.M. Homes and Ellen Meister.

7/30/2022: In Kirkus Reviews, I recommend fantastic audiobooks by Don Lee, Julia Glass, and British prodigy Moses McKenzie. And on The Weekly Reader, recent shows feature Jean Hanff Korelitz, Emma Straub, Bill Roorbach, Jennifer Close, Alice Eliot Dark, Adam White, Kirstin Chen, and more. If you are looking for something to read you will definitely find it here! Subscribe using any podcast app and get weekly updates.

7/30/2022: Coming November 19: a one-day memoir intensive in the countryside outside Baltimore. Go to for details.

6/22/2022: Still a few spots in my Memoir Boot Camp at Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. Week of July 17, info here.

9/22/21: There are 128 rap songs and one big new miniseries that mention Monica Lewinsky, and now she's finally made it to the Baltimore Fishbowl. Read The Writing Teacher, The Drama Teacher, His Wife, and Their Babysitter.

7/30/2022: "A literary development involving a French bulldog strikes at an inopportune time for Fishbowl columnist Marion Winik as she tries to clear her mind in yoga class." How to Read Like a Child, on Fishbowl.

7/30/2022: At the badass literary site Dorothy Parker's Ashes, I recorded The History of Love, a story about my wedding outfits, with photos.

6/22/2022: My lovely stepdaughter Emma got married in Hawaii! Read about it here, in Baltimore FIshbowl. Also, last year's June column, The Cicadas and the Sun, recently took second place in the “Local Column: Feature or Humor” category at the MD/DC Press Association Awards.

6/22/2022: Summer books preview, for Newsday

6/22/2022:Mentioned in Publishers Weekly article about NBCC by ex-prez, David Varno

6/22/2022: My Politics and Prose interview w/ John Waters, in the Washington Blade

5/7/2022: The Weekly Reader podcast celebrated its fifth birthday in February. Among our latest pairings: Douglas Stuart and Jennifer EganMichelle Huneven and Anne TylerGrant Ginder and Bonnie Garmus Maggie Rowe and Jeremy Atherton Lin. Sign up to receive new episodes at the NPR podcast page.

5/7/2022: I just left the National Book Crtics Circle board after six action-packed years. You can read my comments on the Autobiography finalists (I chaired the committee) at

5/7/2022: I converted an old Fishbowl column on cicadas to a flash essay that appeared at the delightful website,, and it made daily LitHub internet round-up

2/12/2022: Literary News of 2021, in Baltimore Fishbowl, and an article about Ann Tyler in which I am quoted, in Publishers Weekly

10/20/21: I have an essay in a book called Sisters published by the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop at the University of Dayton.

9/22/21: Fall Books Roundups in People and Newsday 

8/25/21: If you subscribe to the Washington Post, or if you can get behind the paywall, I wrote a piece about the final installment of Fifty Shades of Grey. Turns out it's a feminist classic.

6/27/21: Been thinking about our recent visit from Brood X. Here's The Cicadas and the Sun, on Baltimore Fishbowl.

7/27/21: "Something about 105 degrees is reliably inspiring to me" ... here's a column about summer in Texas, then and now. Includes my very first essay ever on NPR.

7/27/21: I have a cameo appearance in this Texas Monthly article about my old friend Liz Lambert, by the inimitable Robert Draper (another old friend.)

5/12/21: Last week on the Weekly Reader, I gave my view on the Blake Bailey situation, and briefly reviewed the new Malcolm X biography. If you need a good book, we've recommended more than 400 of them

4/14/21: I was thrilled to see The Big Book of the Dead included by Whitney Otto in this list of favorite memoirs at LitHub, along with Gertrude Stein and Langston Hughes for God's sake.

4/14/21: I interviewed Blake Bailey about his excellent biography of Philip Roth for Kirkus. As I was reading this book I was shocked to find I am in it! My review of Claire Bloom's memoir, Leaving a Dolls House, is quoted: "Tall, moody, self-absorbed intellectuals with their sardonic insights have long been a disappointment to me."

3/25/21: The NBCC Finalists Reading and Awards Show were so great. Here's an article in the Rutgers newspaper about their two winners, Cathy Park Hong and Nicole Fleetwood, one of which I presented at the ceremony. If you want to watch the show, you still can, at The reading is really something else.

3/10/21: The Weekly Reader celebrated its fourth birthday this past month. Woohoo! Thanks to the Ivy Bookshop and WYPR for sponsorship. If you need a good book, we've recommended more than 400 of them on 205 shows.

3/10/21: Cal Flyn interviewed me about the NBCC Autobiography Finalists for, and I wrote about two of them, Minor Feelings and The Dragons, The Giant, The Women, for the NBCC's 30 Books in 30 days, leading up to our awards show on the 25th.

2/6/21: Interview with Edwidge Danticat and Sarah Broome from AWP, on "Finding Home"

1/14/21: Recent Weekly Readers include a Jenny Offill Special; short stories of Danielle Evans and Souvankham Thammavongsa; Natasha Tretheway and Gabriel Bump; good pandemic readings in an anthology from Yale Review editor Meghan O'Rourke; plus hundreds of past recommendations in the podcast library.

1/14/21: A couple of the poems I wrote last year are in the University of Baltimore student lit mag, Welter.

12/17/20: On Baltimore Fishbowl, the last column of 2020, where the impossible becomes possible and we eat it in the car. 

11/11/20: As usual I've been yakking it up on the Weekly Reader
• Jess Walter and Max Gross with some great novels
• The Curtis Sittenfeld special
• New books from Susie Yang and Ayad Akhtar.
• Nonfiction from Riva Lehrer and Michele Morano.

10/7/20: My darling dog Beau died on September 18th. Here is an essay, a poem, some paintings and photos, an amazing funeral diorama made by Kendra Kopelke, and a few buckets of tears.

10/7/20: Got a minute? Go to, click the Music tab, and hear Vince's new songs. He and Adam have a record deal and are making hits.

10/7/20: I did a preview of fall books for Newsday, if you're looking for a good read. On the Weekly Reader, we covered Sue Miller and Peace Adzo Medie on marriage,  Sigrid Nunez and Yaa Gyasi on death, Elena Ferrante and Marilynne Robinson both have great new novels.

9/9/20: I had a great launch for the reissue of Above Us Only Sky sponsored by the Ivy Bookshop. Tom Beer asked such good questions. You can watch it here.

9/9/20: Some pretty good books I read this summer (all the bad ones were reviewed anonymously for Kirkus, I'm afraid.)
• Daddy by Emma Cline, in the Washington Post
• The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante, in the Washington Post
• The Austen Years by Rachel Cohen, in the Philadelphia Inquirer
• All the Way to the Tigers by Mary Morris, in the Washington Post
• The Weekend by Charlotte Wood, in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune
• With or Without You by Caroline Leavitt, in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune
• The Secret Lives of Church Ladies, by Deesha Philyaw, in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune
• Blink Spoken Here, by Chris Pendergast, in Newsday

6/15/20: Here's some fun stuff:
• I read some pieces from The Big Book of the Dead on Live from Here, with Chris Thile. Wilco played a new song that was so good.
• Had a talk about books I like with Sheilah Kast, on WYPR.
• Don't miss the Weekly Reader episode on three great black writers, with a poem by Pulitzer Prize winner Jericho Brown.
• But the best is this music video by Me Nd Adam, my son Vince's band.

7/10/20: The new edition of Above Us Only Sky, out 7/14, adds 22 new essays, mostly from the Baltimore Fishbowl. There's a little backstory, and a sample in the July column. Please join me on July 21st at 7 pm to release this flying horse into the world. Register here to get the Zoom link at the Ivy Bookshop website. If you want an inscribed copy, order from the Ivy and add a note in the space provided.

6/16/20: I've been writing for Kirkus's Seen and Heard department now and then. Here's onetwo, and there are several more.

6/15/20: Read the illustrated quarantine columns and poems on Baltimore Fishbowl: AprilMayJune

6/15/20: My book reviews and author interviews are linked on the Reading List page here. A few recent favorites:
• The Collected Stories of Lorrie Moore, in the Washington Post
• My Dark Vanessa, by Katherine Elizabeth Russell, for Newsday
• If I Had Your Face, by Frances Cha, for Newsday
• Home Baked, by Alia Volz, an interview on Kirkus
• Miss Aluminum, by Susanna Moore, in the Washington Post
• Valentine, by Jean Wetmore, in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

5/8/20: The world of book reviewing has been hit hard by COVID-19. My book reviews and author interviews are linked on the Reading List page here. A few recent favorites:

5/8/20: Radio news:

  • I'll be on Live from Here with Chris Thile on a remote show airing May 16. I'm reading The Alpha, The Mensch, The Queen of the Scene and The Talent!
  • Recent shows on the Weekly Reader are recorded in my closet with a mic my son Vince sent me.
  • Here's old Stoop Story I told about my great-grandfather was played on the local NPR station. 

3/4/20: A fully-illustrated version of Telling, one of my first essays ever: Some Pretty Bad Things I Did A Long Time Ago, on Baltimore Fishbowl. 

4/10/20: My book reviews and author interviews are linked on the Reading List page here. New this month are interviews with Leslie Gray Streeter, author of Black Widow, and Kevin Nguyen, author of New Waves, both for Kirkus Reviews.

3/4/20: Two funny things:
Interviewed by a student of Professor Jim Shahin's at Syracuse re working at home, with bff Sandye Renz
Interviewed for a PW article about why it's good not to make any money as a writer

3/4/20: I'm going to be a guest on Live From Here with Chris Thile on Saturday March 14, with Lucinda Williams and a crew of other amazing guests at Kennedy Center. Reading three selections from The Big Book of the Dead. [Sadly, this event was canceled]

3/4/20: My book reviews and author interviews are linked on the Reading List page here. This month we added
An essay on memoirs by Katie Roiphe and Diane Keaton, in The Washington Post
The Illness Lesson, by Clare Beams, in The Washington Post
The Truants, by Kate Weinberg, in The Philadelphia Inquirier
The Escape Artist, by Helen Fremont, in The Washington Post
The Unexpected Spy, by Tracy Walder and Jessica Anya Blau, in the Baltimore Fishbowl
The Grace Kelly Dress, interview with author Brenda Janowitz in Newsday

3/4/20: Interview about what it was like to record the audiobook of The Big Book of the Dead.

1/8/20: The Big Book of the Dead, out in paperback and audio, was reviewed in the Washington Post, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and at PaperbackParis

1/8/20: My book reviews and author interviews are linked on the Reading List page here. This month we added Wyoming, by JP Gritton, And Other Disasters, by Malka Older, and The Starless Sea, by Erin Morgenstern.

1/8/20: Baltimore's beloved Ivy Bookshop made the Baltimore Fishbowl's Baltimost list, I wrote the story. The Ivy sponsors The Weekly Reader, my radio show/podcast. We've recently discussed Chanel Miller, Saeed Jones, Ronan Farrow, Chris Rush... flip through if you need an idea for something to read.

12/4/19: The UB alumni mag has a nice article about me and two of my colleagues, D Watkins and Jane Delury. Also, Rules for the Unruly is recommended as a "motivational book for students" by The Khmer Times — yes, in Cambodia!

11/6/19: Art School Report, on Baltimore Fishbowl, is my first illustrated column ever! Also, I wrote about the insanity of Titles and Subtitles, for Kirkus.

11/6/19: My book reviews and author interviews are linked on the reading list page here. This month we added my Washington Post reviews of Mary Gaitskill's This Is Pleasure and Adrienne Brodeur's Wild Game. Last month I talked to Rachel Monroe about Savage Appetites and Jeannie Vanasco about Things We Didn't Talk About When I Was A Girl.

11/6/19: The Big Book of the Dead, out in paperback and audio, got an insightful review at PaperbackParis. This makes me so happy.

11/2/19: I wrote a Baltimore Book Festival preview for the Fishbowl.

10/9/19: The Big Book of the Dead, out in paperback and audio, is a regional bestseller. Sweet.

10/9/19: This month on Baltimore Fishbowl, Angels in Baltimore

10/9/19: My book reviews and author interviews are linked on the reading list page here. This month I talked to Rachel Monroe about Savage Appetites and Jeannie Vanasco about Things We Didn't Talk About When I Was A Girl. Also did the Fall Books Preview in Newsday.

10/9/19: I was surprised and touched to find mention of my work in an essay by Bethany Royer-DeLong in Ohio's Daily Advocate.

9/4/19: In The Sun magazine, my essay Unexpected Things.

9/4/19: At NJ.coma lovely recommendation for The Baltimore Book of the Dead.

9/4/19: September 17th is the launch date of The Big Book of the Dead in paperback and audio. I recorded the five-hour audio, and it was an amazing experience.

8/1/19: In Newsday — The new Colson Whitehead novel is heartbreaking, infuriating, and a really great read. Also, I chatted with Candace Bushnell about her latest Sex in the City book.

7/5/19: Need a book? Check The Weekly Reader 2-minute reviews: Marcy Dermansky, Garth Ginder, Chip Cheek, Tim Murphy, Sloane Tanen, Angie Kim, Lisa Gornick, Roxana Robinson, Megan Shack, Sarah Blake, Susan Choi, Sunata Puri, Myla Goldberg, Laila Lalami, Naomi Shihab Nye... to follow along, sign up for the podcast.

8/1/19: Today is Counterpoint's cover reveal for THE BIG BOOK OF THE DEAD, combining Glen Rock and Baltimore, plus another dozen new pieces, out mid-September. Sneak peek on the left. As beautiful as the Baltimore cover was, this one might be even more arresting. Pre-orders begin today! 

8/1/19: So happy to learn THE BALTIMORE BOOK OF THE DEAD is a nonfiction finalist for the NAIBA Book of the Year (North Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association.)

6/5/19: Here's a review of Jennifer Weiner's Mrs. Everything, and major catalog of great audiobooks, by Newsday reviewing posse.

6/5/19:  I'm teaching two week-long memoir class workshops in P'town this summer. I'm teaching August 11-16 and 19-23 at the Fine Arts Work Center. Here's a coupon code for $50 off — FACULTY50.

6/5/19: The Baltimore Book of the Dead has won the Towson Prize for Literature! and also I got a Maryland State Arts Council Individual artist grant. More things one does not expect!

5/1/19: Are you listening to The Weekly Reader podcast? You can get it any app, or catch up with the 4-minute episodes here  on the WYPR website.

5/1/19: Some book reviews — I am mad crazy about Feast Your Eyes, by Myla Goldberg. Also enjoyed The Other Americans, by Laila Lalami, in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Lots of really short books, a Q&A with Meg Wolitzer about The Female Persuasion, and the new Susan Choi and Ann Beattie novels, all in Newsday.

5/1/19: I had an op-ed in the LA Times praising obituaries.

5/1/19: The Baltimore Sun posted a video of me reading The Artist, from The Baltimore Book of the Dead.

4/11/19: Read about trip to the Olympic Peninsula with Hayes, in Newsday — beautiful pictures, great vacation.

4/11/19: Some book reviews — The Other Americans, by Laila Lalami, in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Lots of really short books, a Q&A with Meg Wolitzer about The Female Persuasion, and the new Susan Choi and Ann Beattie novels, all in Newsday.

An excerpt of The Baltimore Book of The Dead has been published on NFReads.

3/16/19: Announcing the Weekly Reader Book Club, a collaboration between WYPR and Emma Snyder of the Ivy Bookshop. The first book selection is The Falconer, by Dana Czapnik. Last week on WR we discussed two short novels — Binstead's Safari by the wonderful Rachel Ingalls and Ghost Wall, a debut novel by Sarah Moss. 

3/16/19: Book festival season! If you're going to the VA Festival of the Book, NOLA Tennessee Williams Fest, San Antonio, LA Times or Gaithersburg Book Fesivals... I'll be there. More info here.

2/13/19: Recent Weekly Reader shows: Historical Fiction, New Thrillers, Back to School, A Whiff of Scandal, Dani Shapiro Special. Listen at the website or pick it up on any podcast app.

1/10/19: A teeny quote from me in this anti-wall piece in the Daily News.

12/31/18: The 11 biggest happenings of 2018 in Baltimore’s literary scene on Baltimore Fishbowl.

12/6/18: The Luxury of Solitude, on Baltimore Fishbowl, is the third installment in the unfolding saga of my empty nest, after The Long Way to Okay and Welcome to My Anticlimax

11/10/18: I am a footnote in the Laura Lippman story.

11/7/18: Reviews and essays on favorite writers:
Still lovin’ Lucia Berlin, in Newsday.
My last word on Cheryl Strayed on Michael Steinberg’s blog.
A talk with Dawn Raffel about her new book at On the Seawall, a cool lit site.

10/3/18: The Baltimore Book of the Dead... she lives!

9/15/18: Looking for a good book? New Weekly Reader episodes here. Recent topics include Muslim Family Values, Asia Food, Black Authors Old and New, No I Won't Grow Up. Why not sign up for the podcast?

9/5/18: The first media sighting for Baltimore Book of the Dead. Pub date is October 9th but pre-orders are welcome. That's the IndieBound link; it's on Amazon too, of course. Tour schedule here.

7/9/18: Library Journal names the book an Editors' Pick for Fall: "Empathy figures in Marion Winik’s The Baltimore Book of the Dead, along with her sharp eye and wicked wit. This sequel to The Glen Rock Book of the Dead has more achingly beautiful and succinct obituaries of the people (and a few pets) from Winik’s wide, idiosyncratic circle of family, friends, colleagues, lovers, and enemies. This superfast read will spur rereading and the terrible wish that more people in Winik’s circle would expire just so she could memorialize them.”

7/9/18: Q&A with James Magruder about his Broadway show, Head Over Heels;
Q&A with Jessica Anya Blau about her story in The Sun, "Waiting for My Rape";
Q&A with Stephen McCauley about his new novel, My Ex-Life.

7/12/18: Big butt worship. Really. An essay on NextTribe.

6/6/18: The Weekly Reader's Philip Roth special! Also, passion for Texas, the oldest stories in the world60 is the new 25money changes everything.

6/6/18: Newsday's audiobook round-up, just in time for summer road trips. 

6/6/18: Royal wedding fans: I read the biographies of Meghan and Harry, so you can just look at the pictures.

5/11/18: Join the Baltimore Writers Club on our visits to Michael Downs, Jane DeluryLaura Lippman, and Timmy Reed.

5/11/18: Celebrating seven years on Baltimore Fishbowl with a repost of the first column, The Boomer and the Boomerang.

5/11/18: The Weekly Reader declares its passion for Texas, reads the oldest stories in the world, finds that 60 is the new 25 and learns that money changes everything.

4/4/18: Don't miss new episodes of The Weekly Reader: Business Matters; First, The Funeral; Bad Mommies; Poetry for Inspiration; Books for Dog People.

4/4/18: I wrote a feature on The Stoop, Baltimore's premiere storytelling show, for Baltimore Fishbowl.

3/7/18: Have you been listening to The Weekly Reader? Recent episodes include The Late Great Denis Johnson, Books for Dog People, How To Live Forever, and Alaska, Ho!

3/7/18: Check out these interesting author Q&As: Tim Kreider, about I Wrote This Book Because I Love you, in Baltimore Fishbowl; Naomi Shihab Nye, about Voices in the Air, on NextTribe.

2/5/18: On LitHub: Secrets of the Book Critics Revealed, Marion Winik edition; a review of NBCC Memoir Finalist Nine Continents.

1/22/18: Need something to read? Here's list of overlooked gems on

11/1/17: The best thing I've done this year is help my ex-mother-in-law, Joyce Abell, put together her first book — a memoir called Prickly Roses. Now Prickly Roses has been published, to acclaim from Ann Patchett, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Kirkus Reviews. Order a copy here.

12/6/17: Today's Weekly Reader is "Odd Couples," including the new Eugenides and a story about a woman who takes a sea monster as a lover. Listen to it here.

12/6/17: In Newsday, Tom Beer and I rounded up some super-short but super-good reads.

12/6/17: Exciting book news from alums of the MFA program at the University of Baltimore. More here. Go kids! 

11/1/17: It's Day of the Dead, on Baltimore Fishbowl.

11/1/17: Today's Weekly Reader is "The Woman Writer Problem." Listen to it here.

11/1/17: Exciting book news from four former students... alums of the MFA program at the University of Baltimore. Go kids!

9/6/17: Have you listened to The Weekly Reader on the Baltimore NPR station? Today's show is called Art and Death. Check it out! Just four sassy minutes.

8/2/17: Here's one about my sister and me, on NextTribe. 

: My Newsday review of Tom Perrotta's new book Mrs. Fletcher was quoted by Terry Gross on Fresh Air. That was cool. Also, I got to talk to Julie Klam, author of The Stars in Our Eyes, about celebrity obsession.

: New on Weekly ReaderTrue Crime Memoirs.

: I rediscovered a bunch of poetry I wrote as a child, and I'm putting on a show. Read about it in The Return of Tracy Beth Richardson on Fishbowl.

7/5/17: Have you been listening to the Weekly Reader podcasts? Summer reading ideas abound! The past few shows have been: Scary Tropics, Rich People, LOL, Majorca Medley, specials on Elizabeth Strout and Jill Eisenstadt, and so much more.

7/5/17: Fun nostalgic piece by Louis Black about the Austin Chronicle's first short story contest.

6/14/17: New on NextTribe.comIs the French Prime Minister's Wife A Cougar? Also Cheers to the Widow: The Story of Veuve Clicquot.

6/14/17: Best audiobooks roundup in Newsday.

I was quoted on All Things Considered re Big Bend National Park. The line about the park is from First Comes Love. 4/5/17
: Have you seen this cool new website, NextTribe? I wrote a piece for it inspired by the TV show Feud: Bette and Joan. It's called The Enduring Power of the Catfight: A Lament.

4/5/17: I'm teaching a writing workshop the weekend of May 20/21 for The Sun (the magazine from Chapel Hill, not the Baltimore newspaper.) Retreat details are here.

4/5/17: Need something quick to read this weekend? Check out our Newsday picks.

3/1/17: "What If You Held A Wedding and Half The Queer People in Austin Came?"... reflections on Paige Schilts' Queer Rock Love.

2/1/17: I have a new four-minute radio program called The Weekly Reader, debuting today on Baltimore's NPR affiliate, WYPR, 88.1 FM. In conversation with host Lisa Morgan, I run through four books in four minutes, giving my picks from recent releases. The show is on Wednesdays at 2:33 pm — you can listen live or play the podcast any time at The Weekly Reader. Check me out and let me know what you think!

1/4/17: Books that deserved more attention than they got, with other Newsday critics.

12/7/16: Top Ten Books of 2016, in Newsday, with other reviewers.

: Yesterday was Day of the Dead. A faithful reader reposted this essay on Facebook.

11/2/16: My essay on the Hepatitis C cure is up on Salon thanks to my student D Watkins, who's an editor there now. Also, an interview with me and D.

10/8/16: Bohemian Rhapsody #104: Back in the saddle of college admissions with my fifth child ... here's what I know now, on Baltimore Fishbowl.

8/3/16: I have a new column called Baltimore Writers' Club on the Fishbowl, in which I interview my friends about their books. 
    - Jessica Anya Blau on The Trouble With Lexie
    - Liz Hazen on Chaos Theories
    - Ron Tanner on Missile Paradise
    - James Magruder on Love Slaves of Helen Hadley Hall

8/3/16: Summer travel: A guide to Delaware beaches.

: An article in the University of Baltimore magazine, an article about me 'n' my bar. And from the Stoop podcast: the Young Love episode.  Jane put my name in to be an impromptu audience storyteller... so this was totally unplanned and unrehearsed.

: In Newsday, a  travel story on lovely Sayulita and an interview with Richard Russo about his new novel.

3/2/16: Do you know what a thot is? Neither did I. Read this review of American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers by Nancy Jo Sales.

2/10/16: My editor at Newsday, Tom Beer, and I reviewed a bunch of audiobooks (Kevin Kwan, Elizabeth Alexander, Lauren Groff) and made this list of suggestions for further reading: if you liked X, read Y. 

2/10/16: I read Teresa Giudice’s prison memoir so you don’t have to.

1/8/16: The Lunch Box Chronicles is included in Brain, Child Magazine’s list of top ten maternal sanity-savers of all time.

1/8/16: Here’s the end-of-year entertainment coverage in Newsday; I did the book stuff. Also, I just learned I've been elected to the board of the National Book Critics Circle. Thrilled to participate at this level.

12/3/15: My editor at Newsday, Tom Beer, and I made this list of suggestions for further reading: if you liked X, read Y. 

11/4/15: For Newsday, Women of Rock, a review of memoirs by Patti Smith, Carrie Brownstein and Chrissie Hynde.

10/8/15: On the National Book Critics Circle blog: Second Thoughts on "To The Lighthouse."

: On The Nervous Breakdown, an interview with Kate Christensen about her new food/Maine memoir "How To Cook A Moose," and in Newsday, an interview with Judy Chicurel about "If I Knew You Were Going to be This Beautiful, I Never Would Have Let You Go."

9/9/15: Five portraits from The Glen Rock of the Dead appeared as poems 67 - 71 at the Poem-a-Day countdown to 35 years of AIDS at the HIV Here and Now website, curated by Michael Broder.

: My recipe for Thai steak salad on The Next Best Book Blog. Good for a hot September day.

: A guest appearance in The Next Best Book Blog -- taking the "page 69 test" with The Glen Rock Book of the Dead.

5/4/15: My essay collections, GuessworkAugust in Paris and The End of the World As We Know It are now available as audiobooks from Audible, read by Sasha Dunbrooke! Just a couple of bucks each. Listen to samples on Soundcloud.

: Here's my review of the new Ann Packer novel in Newsday.

5/1/15: An interview about two new books I've loved on Martha Frankel's excellent Woodstock Writers Radio. 

4/1/15: For Newsday: Hanya Yanagihara's amazing A Little Life; James Hannaham's Delicious Foods.

: New in Newsday: A crazy novel by David Duchovny and a new Anne Tyler novel that I loved.

3/4/15: I was interviewed by David Wilk for Writerscast, an internet radio show — we talk about my Shebooks.

3/4/15: David Linden is ruling the planet with his new brain book, Touch: I interviewed him for Style.

1/14/15: Here's a travel piece I wrote for Newsday on my beloved Austin.

12/26/14: "Welcome to the Club" appears in the January issue of The Sun... with a teaser on their website.

12/26/14: Here's Newsday's Top Ten Books of the Year

11/12/14: Jason Lawrence did a nice interview with me for "A Kind Voice On Books."

10/25/14: The 2014 Kirkus Prize for Fiction goes to Lily King! Read about it here.

10/21/14: Martha Frankel's new Woodstock Writers Radio — we talk about Lily King and Elizabeth Gilbert and the Kirkus Prize short list.

10/20/14: A review of Lena Dunham's new book of essays, and a tiny interview with Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman about his new book.

: The Kirkus shortlist is up. Whew, that was a lot of novels. 

9/10/14: Healing broken neighborhoods and broken hearts with broken china. The Mosaic Makers in Baltimore Style. 

9/10/14: Nice review of my new e-book, August in Paris, in The San Francisco Chronicle, and the tech site Re/code re-posted "The Things They Googled." 

8/20/14Buddhists of Boulder on Baltimore Fishbowl; Cleavage, Cleavage, Cleavage on Huffington Post.

8/20/14: In Newsday: Sun and fun in Virginia Beach.

8/20/14: In The Washington Independent Review of Books: Bedtime Stories, with my buddy Jessica Anya Blau.

7/30/14: Happy Birthday to our national anthem - written in Baltimore. A travel piece in Newsday.

7/30/14: I'm one of the judges for the 2014 Kirkus Prize for Fiction. Read about it here.

: I got a liquor license, did you hear? Some scoop on Brew House No. 16, coming this fall.

Baltimore Writers Coming to Austin! Jim Magruder at BookPeople 7/15, 7 pm reading from Let Me See It. Me at BookWoman, 7/17, 7 pm reading from the two new Shebooks collections.

7/10/14: I interviewed the great Frank Goldman about his new book on Mexico City for The Nervous Breakdown. It's here.

7/10/14: The Story of Laurie is about motherhood and friendship and death. It's up on Fishbowl, and it's one of the nine in The End of the World As We Know It, which you can get for $2.99 at

7/10/14: I reviewed the crazy new John Waters book for Newsday, here. And Euphoria, by Lily King, which I loved, here.

6/18/14: I'm in the New York Times anthology of Lives columns about parenting. Pretty cool.

6/18/14: Hosting two great writers tomorrow night (6/19) at the Ivy Bookstore in Baltimore: Jim Magruder and Cliff Chase, 7pm. Here's the inside scoop.

6/18/14: Want to read some book reviews? Here's a hot little book I liked... and a big thick one I really didn't. Also good: Joanna Rakoff's memoir of JD Salinger. And here's a Summer 2014 Preview (PDF).

5/29/14: Kirkus Reviews just announced 50K literary prizes to be awarded this October in Fiction, Nonfiction and YA. I am one of the judges for Fiction. Truly exciting.

5/28/14: From Profiteer of Misfortune to Conduit of Joy: read the June Wedding Report on Baltimore Fishbowl. Also, Reverend Marion in Baltimore Style.

5/28/14: New in print — "Newfoundland" in the June issue of The Sun. "My Dear Boys" in Welter 2014, the University of Baltimore lit mag. A memoir of teaching at Carlow's MFA program in the early years in their new anthology, 10.

5/7/14: My new career: Reverend Marion in Baltimore Style.

5/1/14: I have an essay and an interview in Redivider 11.2, a print journal from Emerson College.

4/15/14: My story at the Stoop's "The Oys and Joys of Jewish Life" show — about my great-grandfather Hyman Winik and how my son Hayes got his name. 

3/26/14: Here's an interview about romance and dating with a smart shrink on Gluck Radio...

3/26/14: This kind of wows me: I am quoted in Claudia Roth Pierpont's Roth Unbound, a critical biography of Philip Roth. Also, "The Glen Rock Book of the Dead" is quoted at length in Arcadian America: The Death and Life of an Environmental Tradition, by Aaron Sachs. The University of Baltimore provost discovered this citation when he was reviewing the book.

4/14/14: A tiny excerpt from Highs in the Low Fifties at NPR's Author's Corner. 

3/5/14: Woodstock Writers Festival coming up — still room in my Personal Essay Intensive workshop, Friday, April 4.

3/5/14: Uganda trip recap... in Baltimore Style (PDF) and Newsday (PDF).

3/5/14: Nice blog entry by Anne Liu Kellor on one of the panels I was on at AWP - with Sy Safransky, Krista Bremer, Lidia Yuknavitch and Cary Tennis.

2/21/14: Jessica Anya Blau and I talk with Lisa Morgan about our new publisher, Shebooks. Podcast here.

2/12/14: This very sweet review of Glen Rock Book of the Dead features a photo of downtown Glen Rock!

1/22/14: My e-dubble hip-hop story is online now: Making It Big in Baltimore magazine.

1/22/14: To read more about my new short e-book Guesswork: Here's an interview I did about this new publishing model with Laura Fraser on The Nervous Breakdown, and a conversation with author Suzanne Paola at The Quivering Pen.

1/22/14: Another travel story for a snowy day: Party Time in the Lost City (the crazy Atlantis tale from last year) is up now on Huffington Post.

1/8/14: I discussed this whole Shebooks thing with Suzanne Paola on David Abrams' cool lit blog.

12/31/13: End-of-the-year entertainment coverage from Newsday — guilty pleasures, breakouts, disappointments (PDF) — as well as obits (PDF).

12/11/13: I have a new mini-collection called Guesswork, a group of essays about memory and identity. They originally appeared in the Fishbowl, the SunLadies Home Journal and elsewhere. You can buy this 34-pager on Amazon for $2.99. Only for e-readers from Shebooks, a new e-publisher doing short books by women. 

12/16/13: The Writers Digest crowd is going crazy for this: Seven Things I've Learned So Far.

12/10/13: Nice Highs in the Low Fifties review at the Grandma's Briefs blog, and an interview on Literary Mama.

12/8/13: In the Huffington Post: Baltimore Dating for Dummies, picked up from the Fishbowl.

11/19/13: Read my review of Ann Patchett's new collection, "This Is The Story of A Happy Marriage."

10/30/13: Here's an article about me in Baltimore's Jewish Times, heralding my November 5 appearance at The JCC in Owings Mills.

10/29/13: Live from the Texas Book Festival, House of Representatives Chamber: Taxi Poem, with Mike Hall on Guitar.

10/28/13Two new book reviews: Bridget Jones and Donna Tartt.

10/27/13: Cooking tips from my son, the bass player at the Food News Journal: Vince's Jam.

10/25/13: Here's a Fishbowl column that got picked up in the Huffington Post: Husbands, A Field Guide.

9/17/13: Roz Warren wrote a really fun review of Highs in the Low Fifties, picked up on HuffPo and elsewhere.

9/17/13Want to read more about that craaazy trip to Peru? There's a (pretty funny) Baltimore Style article online, as well as a Newsday story.

9/16/13: I read last week's Summer Vacation column on The Signal, the arts magazine show at our B'more NPR affiliate, WYPR. Here's the podcast. Also, Google Alerts is trolling the archives, I guess, because I got this nugget from the 1996 Austin Chronicle. Sweet.

8/4/13: I have a piece on Huffington Post about the furor over my book excerpt...

8/4/13: In Martha Thomas's Airtran in-flight magazine article on literary Baltimore, I get to be Dorothy Parker.

7/28/13: Best Humorist, Baltimore Magazine "Best of Baltimore" 2013: "Don't expect knee-slapping guffaws or giggle fits from Winik. In her books—especially the new one, Highs in the Low Fifties—she threads sly humor through poignant observations that generate reflection rather than mere escapism. Winik recounts misadventures, admits shortcomings, confronts demons, and stares down mortality with disarming candor. To her credit, that sincerity never drifts into sentimentality. Instead, it resonates with hard-earned wisdom that, like Winik's humor, connects on a variety of levels."

7/27/13: I interviewed my daughter Jane for The Daily Beast—check out her hilarious views on Highs in the Low Fifties, the Winik-Kardashian connection, and more.

7/19/13: Highs makes "book trailer of the day" on Shelf Awareness.

: I have a guest blog at in which I explain why you want a hairdresser, not a professional writer, to help you write your profile. (Not just because the picture is 90% of the pitch.)

7/11/13: An excerpt from Highs in the Low Fifties has stirred up quite a controversy at 500+ outraged comments!

7/3/13: "Fun, funny, touching and illuminating," says Kirkus. Highs in the Low Fifties events list here. Book trailer here. More press here.

6/14/13: It Girl Jessica Anya Blau and I interviewed each other about our new books for Here's mine, and here's hers.

6/6/13: Remember my article a couple years ago about taping a segment for a show called Shipping Wars? Unbelievably, it aired and you can watch it. Just a little bit of Jane and me.

5/21/13: The Most Beautiful Raynovich is in the June 2013 issue of The Sun.

5/20/13: Vicious? Me? Read my review of the latest masterpiece by Dan Brown in Newsday.

3/30/13: My interview with Mohsin Hamid about How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia is up at The Nervous Breakdown.

3/9/13: My Asbury Park sister Helen Pike has a great write-up of The Sun reading at the Brookline Booksmith in her blog.

3/2/13: Thanks, Cheryl Strayed, for this wonderful mention of The Glen Rock Book of the Dead in the Boston Globe.

2/25/13: "What If You Were Right?" is out in the March issue of The Sun.

2/23/13: "My Life in Therapy" is in Tampa Review Online. With the excellent Deb Rudacille.

1/29/13: Hooray—I am now represented by Jamie Brickhouse of the Red Brick Agency for speaking engagements. I think my mother would have liked to see my snazzy page on the site.

1/15/13: Dog Love, about my dachshund, Beau, appears in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Baltimore Style

12/2/12: Newsday's best books of the year. (PDF)

12/4/12: "Last of the Firsts" is a round-up of New Years Eve stories in the December issue of Baltimore Style. Jim Magruder, Jayne Blanchard, and me.

10/23/12: Look for "The Things They Googled" in the November/December 2012 issue of The Utne Reader.

10/16/12: My radio essay on parenting and giving aired earlier this week on To The Best of Our Knowledge. I recorded it last Thanksgiving. I guess it's becoming a holiday tradition.

8/16/12: Today would have been my mom's 84th birthday. I hope they have the internet in heaven so she can keep up with my articles. The latest is "Guacamole is a Cruel Mistress" on Baltimore Fishbowl. Past columns here.

8/15/12: Urbanite has done a round-up of essays by Baltimore writers on reading. Great to be in there with Betsy Boyd, Susy Wyss, Lia Purpura, and others.

8/15/12: Just a couple weeks left to squeeze in the beach books. Here's the short list I did for Newsday.

7/25/12: I'm thrilled to have The Things They Googled in the August issue of The Sun.

5/7/12: Happy birthday to me: My essay, The Book of Job: A Quiz, is in the May issue of The Sun, the wonderful lit mag out of Chapel Hill, NC.

1/20/12: MW interviewed by Rehann Rheel during visit to York College, at

1/18/12: Baltimore Fishbowl Top Stories of 2011

1/17/12: Reviews of The Obamas (PDF format), Henry Alford's etiquette guide and Caitlin Flanagan's essays on girlhood (PDF format), as seen in Newsday.

1/17/12: As heard on All Things Considered: Pitching memoirs of drugs, sex, and freaky lifestyles to NPR listeners in the Three Books series.

12/19/11: Lovely blog post by memoirist B. Morrison about The Glen Rock Book of the Dead.

12/12/11: Best Books of 2011, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

12/8/11: Check out Jessica Anya Blau's top five books for giving
The Glen Rock Book of the Dead among them!

11/29/11: With Ralph Nader and others, MW on parenting and giving on the Wisconsin Public Radio show "To the Best of Our Knowledge."

12/6/11: Review of Stephen King's 11/22/63, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

11/30/11: Review of Diane Keaton memoir, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

10/31/11: Review of Steve Jobs bio, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

10/12/11: Review of puppy memoir by NY Times boss Jill Abramson, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

10/6/11: Cool write-up in the Baltimore Bibliophile's blog today. She mentions the magnet and my Poets & Writers article, "How I Made My First Million" (PDF format).

9/11/11: What I did this summer — a review of the top ten 9/11 novels, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

6/21/11: New in print: "How I Made My First Million" in the July/August Poets and Writers. "My First Tour de France" in July/August Baltimore Style.

6/9/11: I was scared to write this, but I'm glad I did — and I am so enjoying the instant feedback of the comments people leave.
Read "Desperate Housewives of Roland Park" in my Baltimore Fishbowl column.

6/3/11: I've published my first novel, NINETY-PERCENT MENTAL, as an e-book. Read more about it here.

5/25/11: Smart women in love and trouble: new novels by Siri Hustvedt and Amy Stolls, reviewed in Newsday (PDF format).

5/22/11: Read "The Boomer and The Boomerang: A Love Story" in Baltimore Fishbowl. A chapter from my work-in-progress.

5/17/11: Augusten Burroughs' mother, Margaret Robison, settles the score. Sort of. (PDF format.)

5/16/11: WYPR's Lisa Morgan replayed our talk about Glen Rock Book of the Dead to promote the Ivy Bookshop reading this Thursday night. Starts 15 minutes into the podcast.

5/10/11: MW reviews new novels from Madison Smartt Bell, Jessica Anya Blau, and Ron Tanner in the Baltimore Sun.

4/27/11: Three interesting fiction debuts: Rebecca Hunt, Ralph Sassone, and Manuel Muñoz (PDF format).

4/26/11: Nice to be mentioned in this post - the other two pieces, by Steve Almond and Lorrie Moore, are excellent.

4/4/11: This writer always rocks my world: Francisco Goldman's amazing novel about his wife's death (PDF format).

3/14/11: Late to the party on Jodi Picoult (PDF format).

2/18/11: A guy walks into a bookstore. Buys a book. Writes a cool blog entry. Thanks, Angry Wayne!

2/18/11: Ouch. MW review of Joyce Carol Oates' A Widow's Story (PDF format).

2/10/11: "The best memoirs read like novels, so well crafted that they transform life into art, people into characters, the author into a narrator. They do this not by lying, but through the alchemy of storytelling. Lesser memoirs feel more like journalism: They may be absorbing and well written, but there’s no liftoff." From the Newsday review of Dave Itzoff's Cocaine's Son (PDF format).

1/15/11: Meet my new best friend Jessica Anya Blau, who has a novel out this month. I interviewed her about Drinking Closer to Home for the Austin Chronicle.

1/14/11: Recent reviews (PDF format) of Charles Elton's Mr. Toppit, and Kim Edwards' The Lake of Dreams.

12/30/10: Newsday book critics pick the year's ten best (PDF format).

12/15/10: Small press fiction roundup, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

Baltimore Holiday Fun: On December 17, I'll be telling a story at O Little Town of Baltimore, a live radio variety show at CenterStage. Go to for tickets and info.

11/25/10: Review of Siddhartha Mukherjee's The Emperor of All Maladies in Newsday (PDF format).

11/4/10: The Glen Rock Book of the Dead is available in paperback. Counterpoint did a beautiful job on the new edition. Adorable and affordable too.

11/1/10: Review of Antonya Nelson's Bound, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

10/16/10: Meet Mr. Turkey in my Thanksgiving essay for Real Simple.

10/9/10: The Earth Project reading at the University of Baltimore Student Center, 1 pm. Thirteen writers were asked to create pieces inspired by works of art about the environment, curated by Penny Harris. You can see my poem and the beautiful Brian Martin painting it illustrates at

8/30/10: Review of Kevin Guilfoile's The Thousand, as seen in the Los Angeles Times.

8/24/10: Review of Emily Fox Gordon's Book of Days, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

8/22/10: Review of Rosencrans Baldwin's You Lost Me There, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

7/28/10: Review of Marcy Dermansky's Bad Marie, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).Calling all doglovers: The MW edition of Marshal Zerengue's New Orleans-based "Coffee with a Canine" includes hot new pix of Beau: Read the interview.

7/7/10: Review of Sloane Crosley's How Did You Get This Number, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

5/30/10: In the LA Times . . . MW on missing Tony, 16 years later.

5/26/10: Reviews of Julie Orringer's The Invisible Bridge and Brady Udall's The Lonely Polygamist, as seen in Newsday (PDF format).

5/3/10: MW's first appearance in Baltimore's Urbanite magazine: "Still Life With Price Tag".

4/6/10: DEFUNCT, a new lit mag covering all that is gone, gone, gone, debuts with an article by MW on her favorite pinball machine. Great company includes Joe Wenderoth, Lia Purpura and Dinty Moore.

3/26/10: "Short story: this is a fun book..." So begins MW's review of Lisa Grunwald's The Irresistible Henry House.

3/24/10: Review of Elif Batuman's The Possessed: Adventures With Russian Books and the People Who Read Them.

3/3/10: Check out "Authors' Secret Delight: Doing Revisions" by the great Seattle-based book critic John Marshall, over at He interviewed everyone from Jon Krakauer to Tom Robbins to Marion Winik, whoever she is.

2/23/10: MW on hot yoga in March issue of Health magazine.

2/11/10: Review of the new Cathleen Schine novel, The Three Weissmans of Westport.

2/8/10: Check out my mixtape at Shaking Like A Mountain.

Cheryl Strayed is a terrific writer; this is quite an honor: Cheryl Strayed's Best Books of 2009

12/20/09: Review of the new, posthumous Dominick Dunne.

12/7/09: MW and Dylan Landis talk about writing and stuff in the JMMW online journal.

10/15/09: Review of Francine Prose's new book on Anne Frank in the Contra Costa Times.

9/21/09: The Writers' League of Texas has announced the finalists for the 2009 Book Awards. The Glen Rock Book of the Dead is among the six titles selected in nonfiction. The prize is awarded in Austin at the Texas Book Festival on October 31st.

8/2/09: Picked up off the Newsday wire in sunny California: Review of Joyce Maynard's latest novel, Labor Day.

Hilarious if I do say so myself: Review of Acceptance by David Marcus in Newsday. 7/24/09: Review of Short Girls by Bich Minh Nguyen in L.A. Times.

Marion has written eight poems for In The Kitchen, a beautiful new book of photography by Dona Schwartz about blended families, teenagers, and domestic life.
Read her poem
"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (But It Might Be On YouTube)" and order your copy.

Another poem from In the Kitchen, "Packing List," is published in Upstreet #5, a cool literary journal out of Massachusetts. Order on the upstreet website or from Barnes and Noble.

6/21/09: Marion in the LA Times on the ethics of memoir.

More magazine asked six writers – Patricia Volk, Perri Klass, Patricia Marx, Joyce Carol Oates, Patricia J. Smith and me –
"Do you really want to live to be 100?"
You can find the answers in the June 2009 issue (p. 93).
My response is here.

Marion on Urbanite magazine editor Marianne Amoss's radio program, at the Umbrella Radio site.

Listen to Marion on the Baltimore NPR station, WYPR, talking about The Glen Rock Book of the Dead.

contact Marion Winik on FaceBook