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Above Us Only Sky

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Seal Press, 2005

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Above Us Only Sky, by Marion Winik

Whether she is writing about the vagaries of family vacations on land and sea, about getting her tubes tied and the importance of a woman's right to choose, or her battles with her rebel pyromaniac teenage son, Marion Winik is searingly honest and unfailingly witty in the face of adversity. To the original 2005 edition, Winik has added a new final section containing 22 essays, mostly from her award-winning column in the Baltimore Fishbowl and The New York Times, some unpublished until now. 

Says the author: "When I read the new edition of the book through for the first time, it was kind of dizzying.  As a group, the essays document about twenty years of family life, written in real-time as it was happening. It's like time-lapse photography, except with words."

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