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Highs in the Low Fifties

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Globe Pequot Press, 2013

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Marion WInik

"Fun, funny, touching and illuminating."

"Once again, Marion Winik brings us full throttle and no-holds-barred into her don't-try-this-at-home life. Where the Sleepy's truck runs over your mailbox, and that'’s the least of your day'’s whirlwind. Where your golf-bag-toting mother, Big Jane, may-she-rest-in-peace, drives a silver SUV and tells you, for heavens sake, look after the Calder when she dies. Where your dog Beau might just be the love of your life, but that doesn't mean everyone else doesn'’t vie for your heart, or you for theirs. Passionate, a bit rueful, filled with love, and above all—funny. If this is life in your fifties, bring it on."
–Miriam Peskowitz, New York Times best-selling author of The Daring Book for Girls

"Winik's new book, Highs in the Low Fifties: How I Stumbled Through the Joys of Single Living, follows her progress as a newly divorced middle-aged mother looking for love in the age of It doesn't end with wedding bells and rice, but the book wouldn't be half as funny—or knowing—if it had."

". . . Winik, who has become a popular NPR commentator as well as a well-known author of self-reflective 'creative nonfiction,' infuses her writing with enough wit and poignancy to keep readers entertained. . . . it's hard not to keep on reading, in part because Winik is so thoroughly amusing about her travails."
The Austin American-Statesman

"Highs in the Low Fifties is an intoxicating elixir born of an intellect that longs for chaos: Marion writing love letters to the Boston Strangler, Marion getting a hockey-puck nose job, Marion sitting out front of a bank at the wheel of a getaway car, and Marion heavily bandaged "serving the beef bourguignon as the Frito Bandito on Percodan." Romantics will gobble the intimate and maniacal sex and dating revelations while witless saps such as myself will eagerly turn one more page and say, my goodness, is this how women really think? No wonder I've been dumped so many times. Highs in the Low Fifties is like laughing gas at a car accident. Read it and weep, for if it doesn't break your heart, it'll crack you up."
–Poe Ballantine, author of Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere

"Highs in the Low Fifties hits the bull's eye—funny, sharp, poignant, wise. Sometimes, I think Marion Winik is simply selfless enough to live the life that most of us are too scared to try, then generously shares the results. Her latest memoir has her trademark candor and poetic cadences. But there’s something new here, too—happiness. Rueful, cautious, but happiness nonetheless. It’s like finding the Rough Planet Guide to Middle-Age."
– Laura Lippman, author of And When She Was Good

"Marion Winik has led an unusual and adventurous life, and she writes about it with style and wit. Her essays are mind-blowing—you can't stop reading them."
–Jane Smiley

"Marion Winik works both sides of the street—light and dark, comedy and tragedy—and she does so with wit, verve, warmth, and hard-won wisdom. Reading this book was like sidling up to the best storyteller in your favorite bar."
–Daniel Smith, author of Monkey Mind

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