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Rules for the Unruly

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Marion Winik, Rules for the Unruly

"Decades after graduating, Winik, author of The Lunch-Box Chronicles, was invited to return to her high school and address the recipients of an award for academic excellence. She did so with trepidation, feeling unqualified to give advice, but the talk went so well that she developed it into a book for high-schoolers. As in her previous books (all written for adults), she describes some of her experiences, including unwanted pregnancies and life-threatening drug addiction, with a candor and sensitivity that keep the stories from becoming sentimental. This is definitely for mature teens (some parents, teachers, and YAs will find the language and subject matter abrasive and explicit), but Winik speaks to teens without the slightest hint of condescension, and her advice about living an extraordinary life is alternately moving, powerful, and hilarious."
–John Green, Booklist

"Marion Winik has made a career of breaking rules, and here she's gone and done it again. Books of advice just aren't supposed to be this much fun."
–Arthur Golden

"This is a magical, moving, funny book – as helpful to this almost-40-year-old as it will be for any 'young' adult. I love it and keep returning to it for practical guidance. Thank you, Marion!"
–Ally Sheedy

"Marion Winik's ability to see the human condition resonates in every one of us. She's the clearest communicator I know."
–Henry Winkler

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