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The Big Book
of the Dead

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Marion Winik, The Baltimore Book Of The Dead

Praise for The Big Book of the Dead

"Marion Winik’s The Big Book of the Dead is a masterclass in flash fiction. It is a grand tapestry of life that you get to see created thread by thread. It is as much a mystery as life itself because at the start we get condensed versions of entire lives only to find out there is a connection at each turn. It is a connection either outright stated or implied and inferred by the reader, and also a brilliant use of intrigue by Winik.

"'My son is very reserved about the fact that his own father died when he was six, which is kind of funny given all my published work on the subject or perhaps makes perfect sense.' Winik writes of her shared but very different experience of loss and how she and her son have processed it over the years. This is the perfect set of lines that encapsulates what we’ve seen of grief so far. How a loss can be something you keep for yourself for years to come, like in The Very Tiny Baby where we see a mother remembering her lost child on what would have been her eighth birthday; or be a cause to reflect and celebrate that life lived rather than lost, as is the case in The Mensch where Winik recounts the lovely life of her best friend’s father.

"Putting all of the loss of a lifetime so far may seem like a morbid premise for a nearly 300-page book, but the end result is cathartic and strangely comforting."
—Rachel Gonzalez,

Praise for The Baltimore Book of the Dead

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