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The Big Book
of the Dead

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Marion Winik, The Baltimore Book Of The Dead

Praise for The Big Book of the Dead

I was thrilled to see The Big Book of the Dead included by Whitney Otto in this list of favorite memoirs at LitHub, along with Gertrude Stein and Langston Hughes.

"Marion Winik’s The Big Book of the Dead is a masterclass in flash fiction. It is a grand tapestry of life that you get to see created thread by thread. It is as much a mystery as life itself because at the start we get condensed versions of entire lives only to find out there is a connection at each turn. It is a connection either outright stated or implied and inferred by the reader, and also a brilliant use of intrigue by Winik."
—Rachel Gonzalez,

"Marion Winik’s reminiscences of dead family members, friends and occasional others is as much a memoir as it is a salute to those who have lived. There is sadness here but also humor and wit and an overall feeling of engagement with life. Set in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Orleans and finally Baltimore, the 125 pieces evoke changes in social milieu and way of life, from Bohemianism and drug use to motherhood, widowhood and purpose."
—Katherine A. Powers, The Washington Post

"Why do we listen to songs that remind us of lost friends and lovers? Why do we love to hear stories of family members who have died? In “The Big Book of the Dead,” Marion Winik argues that we find comfort there, a point she makes in her introduction to these 125 remembrances that memorialize those she has lost."
—Lorraine Berry, Minneapolis Star Tribune

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